Sandler nonwovens for heat insulation receive building inspectorate approval

Efficient heat insulation creates rooms at a pleasant temperature and contributes to lowering the need for heating and thereby the energy consumption. To further this goal, Sandler AG banks on “the textile building“: Polyester nonwovens of the fibercomfort® product line provide a textile alternative for efficient heat insulation. In January 2015, these environmentally friendly nonwovens received the general building inspectorate approval of the German Institut für Bautechnik (Institute for Construction Technology).

The approval verifies the nonwovens‘ applicability within the scope of the state building regulations. In this sense, the Sandler nonwovens can be used for insulation between the rafters, interior insulation of walls and the roof as well as insulation of partition walls, according to DIN 4108-10, which focuses on heat insulation and energy conservation in buildings.

fibercomfort® nonwovens are available in different formats and product thicknesses, offering individual solutions for insulation. They are lightweight, flexible yet robust and therefore easy to handle, providing optimum heat insulation for decades. Owing to their low thermal conductivity they insulate efficiently and dampen sound at the same time—for a comfortable, quiet atmosphere. The need for heating is permanently reduced, saving both costs and energy.

fibercomfort® nonwovens are 100 % polyester materials manufactured without chemical additives. The same kind of fibres are also applied in our clothing. The nonwovens are gentle on the skin, do not pose any health risks and are an excellent alternative for people suffering from allergies. Furthermore, they are fully recyclable after use and can be re-used as raw materials in the future. The nonwovens panels are also partly made from recycled fibres themselves—a sustainable alternative for renovation and new buildings alike.