Europe's Fastest cycling track equipped with Sandler nonwovens

During the past months, Sandler AG and its partner Akustik & Innovation GmbH implemented a new acoustic insulation concept in the cycle track and event arena "Velodrome Suisse" in Grenchen/Switzerland.

The multi-purpose venue encompasses an area of 2678 sqm and houses the fastest cycling track in Europe. Up to 30 cyclists can compete in a race, reaching speeds exceeding 50 kmph. Visitors have long since described the noise during the race as being very unpleasant and disturbing. As in the future, the velodrome will not only be used for cycle races but also exhibitions, concerts and other events, the plans to expand the spectrum of the events called for a renovation. The objective was to reduce the reverberation time by more than eight seconds, thus creating a quiet atmosphere. A renovation concept that would achieve optimal sound insulation at an overall low effort was needed. Additionally, the selected material had to fit in with the visual appearance of the velodrome.

Sandler's premium-quality nonwoven sawatec 4673 won the building owners over, offering an excellent nonwoven absorber material for the insulation of 1800 sqm of wall. This nonwoven had already passed acoustic tests and been confirmed as a high-grade absorber material. Sandler's premium-quality material had already been used successfully in public institutions. Now, the nonwoven is celebrating its most spectacular use in the "Velodrome Suisse". The self-supporting acoustic panels used for the wall insulation are made of environmentally friendly polyester fibres. In part, recycled fibres are used. The premium-quality absorber sawatec 4673 allows for an easy installation; protective clothing is not necessary. Visually appealing and adapted to the wooden structure of the wall, the nonwoven panels were installed in front of the existing walls, using a grid system made of wood. Within the scope of this project, the premium-quality nonwoven met the requirements of the building material class B1 according to DIN 4102. Furthermore, the absorber nonwoven features a particularly smooth surface, resulting in a well-sealed structure. The installation of the Sandler absorber cut the reverberation time in less than half, thus significantly improving acoustics. The velodrome now fulfils the acoustic requirements of a multi-purpose hall, which it already proved to operators, organisers and visitors alike.