Celebrating 135 successful years

Cheerful ambiance at Sandler Staff Party

The 135th company anniversary, a new sales record, an international award, new team members—for Sandler, 2014 holds many reasons to celebrate. The Sandler Staff Party on July 12th presented a timely opportunity to do so.

Members of staff, apprentices to be, colleagues on maternity leave, family and friends, retired employees—approximately 1,200 guests met on the fairground in Schwarzenbach to enjoy a few pleasant hours on this sunny day. CEO Dr. Christian Heinrich Sandler thanked his Sandler team:  „Dear colleagues, you are the key factor behind our success. What good is the most state-of-the-art production line or the most well-equipped laboratory without the staff going about their work with high motivation every day. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your continued commitment and your dedication. And I would also like to thank the family members for your understanding. So please, consider this party as a token of gratitude.“

At the start of the event, a photo slide show visualised the company’s development over the past 135 years and the new image trailer emphasised, particularly to former employees and family members, the topics Sandler is addressing today. “Today we are among the market leaders in our industry in Europe as well as worldwide. We rank 13th among the world’s largest nonwovens manufacturers and are number 6 of Germany’s largest textile manufacturers“, summarises Dr. Sandler. “We continuously develop new products, systematically tap into new markets and also strive to substitute established materials. Our earnings are always kept in the company, and are available for further investments. Never before in our company history have we grown at such a rate as we did during the past 10 years. In quick succession, almost every year in fact, we commissioned a new building and several production lines. And as our goal is to continue to grow, new investments are still on the agenda. I am confident that together, we will master current and future challenges. But today, let us celebrate our 135th company anniversary and be thankful that we are successful and that our company has a strong foundation.”

The team of organisers had lined up a number of highlights for this day: The youngest guests were able to give their creativity free reign in the playing and painting corner or had fun on the bouncy castle. And parents could sit back and relax as the team of the St. Klara kindergarten in Schwarzenbach had consented to look after these play stations. For older children and adolescents adventure sports was the theme of the afternoon: the adventure pedagogues of LogEP had organised tree climbing, a slackline testing their balance and a kayak tour on the river Saale. A bumper car ride was the scene of many an exciting race. Right next to the marquee, a bumper car ride was the scene of many an exciting race all day long. CEO Dr. Sandler and his wife Bärbl, Vice President of Personnel/Organisation could not resist a round either.

In the spirit of the soccer world cup, 6 teams had come together for a “human table football” tournament. Positioned in a larger-than-life football table, with their hands holding on to laterally strained ropes, they kicked to win. For this occasion, some teams had had jerseys made especially and had equipped their fans with flags to cheer. Needless to say, the atmosphere was exuberant, the teams were cheered for just like in a real stadium and the winners were celebrated with great jubilation on the stage inside the great marquee.

Staff members and family enjoyed good food and conversation in a comfortable atmosphere. The party offered an opportunity to come together with many colleagues and get to know each other better. The party band Surprise provided the musical background of the event and spread such a good mood that the Sandler staff literally danced on the tables. Soccer enthusiasts were given a chance to see the world cup match for third place in a public broadcast at 10pm. And subsequently, many staff members took the opportunity to celebrate with friends and colleagues into the early hours of the morning.