Soft Sandler nonwovens are gentle on the skin, thus increasing comfort in use, particularly in direct contact, and preventing skin irritation. They may be adapted to the requirements of the specific application by ways of different product structures and surfaces.

  • Hygiene products: In diapers, femcare products and medical applications soft Sandler nonwovens protect the skin, particularly during extended use. Nevertheless, they feature high stability. In temporary braces, nonwovens add to the comfort of the user.
  • Home textiles: In upholstered furniture and other home textiles voluminous, soft Sandler nonwovens increase our living comfort. They adapt to the furniture contours, allowing for loose as well as attached processing, for example for soft upholstery of the backrest.
  • Fashion: Soft nonwovens render outdoor clothing into “feel-good” clothes.

One way of testing softness is the cup-crush-method according to WSP 402. During this test, the nonwoven sample is placed over the top of a cylinder in a testing apparatus and pushed in using a hemispherically shaped piston. The force necessary to push in the nonwoven is measured.