Sandler at FILTECH 2022

Efficient I diverse I reliable: Synthetic filter media for a multitude of applications!

At FILTECH 2022, Sandler will present a wide range of efficient synthetic filter media for HVAC, automotive, and home care applications, as well as for special uses.

In the field of indoor air quality Sandler will showcase innovative pocket filter media as well as pleatable nonwovens for ventilation and air-conditioning. All of these media feature high efficiency throughout their entire operating life. Another highlight will be pleatable nonwovens for cabin air filters as well as particle separation layers for filter compounds. These materials fulfil the increasing requirements on air quality in vehicle interiors. High-performance fuel filter media protect the engine and contribute to an efficient combustion. Synthetic vacuum cleaner bags reliably trap dirt particles and dust and foster a higher suction power. Sandler also offers a broad portfolio of rigid and flexible synthetic media for use as filter frames. Versatile solutions for higher filter grades and protection from viruses are also available. Requirements on the sustainability of filter media are increasingly the centre of interest.

Sandler nonwovens are resistant to temperature and humidity—durable synthetic media offering optimum performance throughout the filter’s entire operating life. Pleatable Sandler filtration nonwovens are easily processable in all common pleating processes. Their fibre structure supports accurate pleating; the utilised polymers render the pleats stable and resistant to mechanical influences.

At the Filtech Conference, Sandler will address a new method of analysing the pleatability of fully synthetic media. The presentation will focus on the rotative pleating process, evaluating latest developments based on raw materials from renewable sources and their special features with regard to processability and pleatability.

The Sandler booth design highlights the aspects affecting our well-being in interior spaces and informs visitors on the versatile areas of application for Sandler filter media. The booth itself demonstrates how other nonwovens for technical applications help create a pleasant atmosphere: Acoustically efficient nonwoven panels, applied for instance in the construction industry, form the walls of the Sandler booth at FILTECH 2022 and will provide optimum conversational acoustics.

The Sandler team is looking forward to welcoming you at booth L8 in hall 7.