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Dr. Bär, District Administrator, tested the new milling machine himself.

22.07.2014 10:55

Investing in the future

Sandler training workshop boasts new look

On July 18th, Bärbl Sandler, Vice President of Human Resources/Organisation, welcomed Dr. Oliver Bär, District Administrator, and Hans-Peter Baumann, Mayor of the city of Schwarzenbach, to the inauguration of the new training workshop.

During the past few months, 350.000 Euros were invested in modernising the facilities for technical apprenticeships and a fresh and vivid design, brought not only colour, but also the advantages of nonwovens into play.

The training workshop, set up in 1989, offers apprentices in technical vocations facilities specifically tailored to their lines of work: workshops, machines and a lecture room. These facilities have now been enlarged and equipped with new workspaces. Noisy machines were relocated to an adjoining room. With new furniture, workbenches and machines, the apprentices can enjoy their work even more. At the same time, Sandler nonwovens prove their singular combination of functionality and design in the new workshop. Acoustically efficient nonwovens in the ceilings dampen sound, providing optimal conversational acoustics. Nonwoven panels printed with photos of production lines and pictures of apprentices were hung up on the walls, adding that certain something to the interior design of the rooms while simultaneously also insulating sound. Glass walls in the mechanical workshop provide a sense of open space. A colour concept in green, blue- and yellow takes up the exterior façade design of Sandler’s production buildings. What better place to practice working with milling machine, welder and company.

Currently there are 26 apprentices and youngsters doing dual study courses in the technical vocations of industrial mechanic, electronics technician for operations technology and production mechanic in the textiles sector. Even during their training, they help make sure everything runs seamlessly: They build spare parts for most diverse applications or assist in setting up new production lines; they build label printers and even some of the testing devices used in the in-house laboratory are “made by Sandler”. Appropriately enough, they were given the opportunity to help reshape their workspace during the remodelling of the training workshop. And with electronics installation, renovation of existing equipment as well as the refitting of machines they went to work with great enthusiasm.

District Administrator Dr. Bär and Mayor Baumann were impressed by the new facilities and engaged in vivid conversation with the apprentices. Dr. Oliver Bär commended Sandler on its apprenticeship programmes and emphasised the significance of the company's training system not just to the town of Schwarzenbach, but to the whole district. He went on to say that the family-run company strengthens the whole region of Upper Franconia and that it is a pleasure to see Sandler being so successful on an international level and still remaining true to its values. Bärbl Sandler again emphasised the high importance all training courses hold at Sandler AG: "We put great emphasis on comprehensively supporting our apprentices. In doing so, the experience and professional expertise of our instructors, but also an environment conducive to working and learning are vital factors. Our state-of-the-art training workshop provides such a setting."