Experience the fascination fleece: Visitors marveled at the "day of training"



Innumerable luminous warning vests roam the company premises, in the casino one tried oneself at the power measurement and tests true heavyweights, and also the new training workshop could be glad about a multiplicity at visitors. On time at 1:30 pm last Friday, Sandler AG opened the doors to the "Day of Training" for the third time. More than 230 visitors from the entire district of Hof and Wunsiedel took the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of the nonwovens manufacturer in Schwarzenbach / Saale. More than 40 apprentices and their instructors answered questions about training, guided them through the company and made September 26 an unforgettable day for all. "We never thought that fleece would be so versatile", marveled the Schwarzenbach twins Marcel and Pascal Meister. At Faszination Vlies-Straße, visitors could feel the soft, fluffy fibers that will later be used to make nonwovens. And nonwoven is not the same as nonwoven. Depending on the application, they can be soft and cuddly or robust and dimensionally stable. End products from a wide variety of markets once again made the diversity of this material clear to visitors. The chemical and technical laboratory then demonstrated clearly which tests the products have to undergo in order to meet the high quality standards. The practically interested were allowed to experiment and test themselves. True technology enthusiasts got their money's worth in the new training workshop. In the construction of pneumatic circuits, working on the milling machine or plugging in electronic circuits, both adults and children were able to demonstrate their skills. "It's nice to experience the profession of industrial mechanic live and not always listen to it at trade fairs," report Jonathan and Moritz Frank. The two high school students from Münchberg seized the opportunity and had the trainees show the workstations, the electrical workshop and the machines that determine the day-to-day work of an industrial mechanic.


The highlight of the event was the tour of the latest production facility, which provided a futuristic sight for students, parents and grandparents with its many lines and angles. The nonwoven line completed in 2013 stretches over 5000m². It processes fibers that are ten times thinner than human hair. Above all, insulation boards and insulation materials are on the production plan. The nonwovens can be 3 to 200 mm thick and 40 to 6000 g / m² heavy. The guided tours were led by the trainees of Sandler AG, who were able to report interesting details and answered the questions of the interested parties.

At the information desks in the casino, the students were also able to learn important facts about training, dual study and entry into the company. Those who were completely convinced of their training after the exciting program were able to work with the HR experts in the applicant training program Prepare application.

As an additional "treat" launched on the day of training, the big lottery "Sandler rocks". Here, the students have the chance with a little luck to win concert tickets for the currently hottest performers.

Guido Baumgärtner, Head of Human Resources / Organization, was pleased with the event: "It's always great to see what can be achieved with teamwork." He emphasizes the special commitment of the trainees, which they displayed last Friday had. With plenty of information and experience from their training they were able to give the interested visitors an insight into the company Sandler AG. Guido Baumgärtner adds: "Students and their parents, from the region and beyond, come to this event year after year and show their interest in Sandler AG and the training opportunities offered by the company. Meanwhile, the day of training has established itself as an institution and we will open our doors again for interested students and graduates next year. "