Commitment to Generations - New Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Taking responsibility and caring—for staff members, products, fellow citizens and the environment. This is the central thought within the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility. For Sandler AG it has always been a self-evident part of the corporate philosophy. In 2010, Sandler published its first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report, being one of the first nonwovens manufacturers and one of the first medium-sized companies in the region to do so. In this report, the company addressed the topics of sustainability and corporate responsibility, providing a comprehensive insight into projects geared towards saving energy, conserving resources and safeguarding the health and safety of employees.

Now, Sandler AG is publishing the new edition of its CSR report, taking an even more personal approach: A young member of the Sandler team invites the reader to join him in discovering the company and finding out how the rather abstract concept of sustainability is a part of everyday business for Sandler. From quality assurance and product safety, environmental protection and energy management to logistics, through to apprenticeships and professional training, health management and regional commitment—this report shows that sustainable business concerns all areas of company life and can be implemented only through the support and commitment of each individual staff member. Therefore, it is Sandler employees who present the various topics; subjects for which they themselves take responsibility in their daily work. They also show that corporate responsibility is by no means a management topic only. The report’s new imagery demonstrates that sustainability und responsibility are not solely dead serious subjects, but that contributing to the preservation of our environment can also be great fun.

For Sandler the commitment to sustainability has long since been self-evident. In line with this philosophy, the new CSR report comprehensively presents the company’s commitment to generations.