48-million-Euro investment: Sandler AG expands Schwarzenbach location

All signs point to growth: By the end of this year, Sandler AG is scheduled to complete the construction of a new production building. The nonwovens manufacturer is investing 17 million Euros in its “Plant 5“ building which encompasses an area 22,750 sqm.

Next, a new nonwovens production line for hygiene materials will be installed. Investing another 26 million Euros in this addition to production capacity, Sandler is also expanding an important sales market. Sandler nonwovens feature a high degree of softness and gentleness on the skin. Owing to these characteristics, they already established themselves for applications such as the topsheet of hygiene products: In baby diapers, sanitary pads, panty liners, tampons, incontinence pads and adult diapers, these materials increase comfort in use. Extensible nonwovens in diaper ears and other closure systems contribute to perfect fit. Latest product variants increasingly commend themselves for application inside the hygiene product. Applied as fluid handling layer they quickly transport fluid away from the body, distribute it evenly and transport it to the absorbent core. In this way, they help use the entire storage capacity of the hygiene product and keep the topsheet dry. Assembly of the new production line is scheduled to begin later this year.

Excavations for “Plant 5” began in late March. New parking areas for cars and trucks have already been set up and driveways on the company premises as well as intra-company logistics are being adapted step by step. “Plant 5” will be integrated into a comprehensive optimisation of the flows of goods, with a view to enhancing customer service even further while maintaining a high degree of flexibility. Size and optics of the new building resemble that of “Plant 4”, which had been erected in 2011. “Plant 5” will thus adopt the colour conception of the existing company buildings, blending in with the overall impression of the company premises.

Already late last year, Sandler began construction for a new administration building. Approximately 5 million Euros are being invested in the building that will comprise 1,600 sqm of office space on 4 floors. New workplaces, training and conference rooms for the Sandler team are currently taking shape in Schwarzenbach. The building’s architecture and optics are guided by that of the surrounding office buildings. The clear-cut architecture will be enhanced by modern interior design concepts, in which Sandler nonwovens will be used to provide for a quiet working atmosphere. The different departments will be structured in accordance with internal processes, creating optimum conditions for cross-departmental collaboration.

“For more than 135 years we have been closely connected with our Schwarzenbach location and we will continue to invest in the expansion of our competence centre”, resumes CEO Dr. Christian Heinrich Sandler. “The commissioning of our new production line will create up to 50 new jobs. These investments take us one step further towards the realisation of new textile concepts for the versatile market of hygiene products. Our new plant will enable us to render our processes even more efficient and the new administration building will provide our staff with the best possible work environment“.