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Disposable household wipes for fast and easy spring cleaning at home, for meticulously polishing the beloved vintage car or for reliable disinfection in hospitals—wipes are in great demand in so many situations. The exact wipe substrate makes all the difference. Agreeable to the skin, easy to handle, yet tear-resistant and featuring excellent dirt retention—those are the sought after qualities. What could be better suited than a textile? Sandler sawabond® and sawatex® nonwoven substrates are such great performers. They are highly absorbent and tear-resistant; for dry and wet use, for household and industrial cleaning.

Even at low basis weights, these nonwovens demonstrate their efficiency while consuming fewer resources thus benefitting our environment. Soft Sandler nonwovens are gentle on any surface. A variety of embossed structures or apertured variants enlarge the material’s surface, boosting cleaning efficiency. See for yourself in our Design section.

These versatile nonwovens are also employed as carrier materials for disinfectants; imbued with highly effective cleaning lotions or impregnated with surfactants, oils or wax. They are the basis for effective cleaning and care.