Caring for sensitive skin.

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Nowadays, even the youngest are always on the move: Visiting grandma, going shopping—our modern lifestyles require us to be mobile. Thus, it comes as no surprise that now there is competition to the traditional washcloth and water. Baby wipes made of nonwovens are particularly agreeable to the skin and, best of all, always to hand. In this respect, Sandler products make outings with junior great fun. At home, during nappy change they are ready to use at the touch of a hand; on tour they are the friend in need when the contents of the food jar did not entirely reach junior’s belly. Sandler sawatex® wipes substrates bring reliable all-around protection to daily babycare—kind to the skin and just as soft as the beloved cuddly blanket.

And when there’s a little accident, these absorbent, tear-resistant materials are quickly at hand—for hygienic cleanliness, even for sensitive skin. Multi-layer composites allow for the combination of various material properties and functions. And, incidentally, these textile wipe substrates are also environmentally friendly: Even at low basis weights, they are highly absorbent and tear-resistant, reducing the required amount of raw materials. 

Not to miss out on the fun amidst the feel good factor, these nonwovens can be embossed with bubbly designs. Take a look around in our Design section, we will be delighted to offer advice.