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On the way to a family vacation or driving to work—cars have become part of our living space. As such, they are no longer just a means of transportation. At the end of the journey, we want to step out of the car relaxed and ready to address whatever is on the agenda.

Vehicle acoustics play a major role in achieving this goal: highly efficient sound absorbers of the sawasorb® family of products contribute to optimising interior acoustics and add to the passengers’ comfort. They determine each vehicle’s acoustic fingerprint, promoting identification with the automobile and the brand. Driving noise is minimised and the trip remains quiet and enjoyable for all passengers—whether at high speeds or amidst the hustle and bustle of urban traffic.

Nonwovens for various interior applications reveal their strengths at first touch:

They can be particularly robust, thus able to withstand increased strains; or they can be soft to optimally adapt to the contours of the respective component. And if one is not enough, special product variants combine both properties—soft on one side, firm on the other. Depending on the application and the assembly layout, the sawasorb® products offer several nonwovens for diverse uses. What these nonwovens have in common is their positive effect on acoustics as well as interior climate: They absorb unsettling noise whilst compensating unwanted variations in temperature.

Just like functional apparel they insulate against cold and heat. And unlike some other textiles, these synthetic nonwovens are kind to the skin and odourless, produced without chemical binders or additional finishes.