Seeing the world from a toddler’s perspective is scrutinising every object within reach, standing on one’s own feet for the first time and taking the first steps without a helping hand: babies explore our world in their very own way. It goes without saying that diapers have to be up for this—they are designed to be comfortable, must not tweak nor pinch with every movement and must reliably absorb the “number ones” of the day. It is therefore reassuring for parents to be able to rely on modern hygiene products such as lightweight diapers, which absorb high levels of fluid, quickly transport them away from the body and seal them in the core, whilst offering comfort to sensitive baby skin. These same products are easily put on and quickly adjust to any movement. Diapers have become complex multi-layer structures that place high demands on the raw materials when it comes to functionality and comfort during wear. Sandler nonwovens meet these demands for a variety of diaper types.

Lightweight, breathable topsheets and backsheets made from sawabond® nonwovens contribute softness and textile wearing comfort, above all in premium products such as diapers for newborns. Sandler sawasoft® nonwovens used for distribution layers, are characterized by optimal fluid handling: These materials quickly transport the fluid away from the body to prevent skin irritation and whilst acting as a temporary storage layer then distribute it evenly into the absorbent layer. This encourages maximum utilisation of the absorbent core’s capacity and allows lots of time to head for new adventures before the next nappy change. 

The use of extensible sawabond® and sawasoft® nonwovens creates room to move. In elastic closures such as diaper ears, these materials add a textile touch and facilitate optimum fit. The diaper adapts to the shape of the body and fits perfectly, even during the most rollicking frolic.

Give your products the perfect finish: Featuring various degrees of softness and different bonding patterns Sandler nonwovens complement the functionality and comfort of your hygiene product. Free from chemical binders, Sandler nonwovens are also the first choice for sensitive skin.