Nonwovens protect health.

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Health is our greatest asset. To protect it, we need high-quality materials that reliably perform their specific function. Sandler sawabond® nonwovens are used in products for wound treatment. Manufactured without chemical binders, Sandler materials are also the first choice for sensitive skin. Nonwovens used as outer layers for wound dressings are also suitable for gamma sterilisation – making users feel completely secure.

Nonwovens are also prevalent in the OR: In surgical masks, highly air-permeable inner covers made from Sandler sawabond® nonwovens allow the wearer to breathe freely. Robust sawabond® tie tapes provide a secure fit of the mask, even when activity heightens during an emergency.

Where injured arms or legs need to be braced, Sandler sawasoft® nonwovens offer comfort: Applied on the inside of temporary braces, they offer a pleasant textile feel, increasing comfort in use and helping to wick moisture away from the skin. Permeable and absorbent, these materials allow the skin to breathe and prevent irritation, even when the brace has to be worn for days. These lightweight materials support the development of especially lightweight medical products and as a consequence safeguard valuable resources.