Discrete protection in any situation.

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At any stage in our lives, there is just too much to do: meeting friends, playing with the grandchildren, enjoying a time out at the theatre or trying out a new type of sport—all the things that keep us on our toes and make life so much more enjoyable. Active lifestyles demand thin, discrete products offering reliable protection. Sandler sawabond® and sawasoft® nonwovens for topsheet and backsheet applications combine excellent performance with a textile touch, increasing comfort in use. These lightweight materials support ever thinner product structures. 

Deployed as distribution layers, sawasoft® nonwovens optimise fluid handling. They quickly transport the fluid away from the skin and distribute it evenly in the material. Also acting as a temporary storage layer, they very gradually release the fluid to the absorbent core. The core’s storage capacity is ideally utilised and its useful life extended. Extensible sawabond® and sawasoft® nonwovens create room to move. In closure systems, these materials add a textile touch and facilitate optimum fit.

Give your products the perfect finish: Featuring various degrees of softness and different bonding patterns Sandler nonwovens complement the functionality and comfort of your hygiene product. Manufactured without chemical binders, Sandler nonwovens are the first choice for sensitive skin.