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Apart from air filtration, liquid filtration in vehicles is another vital factor. Again, filter media work behind the scenes:

State-of-the-art engines require clean and above all anhydrous fuels. To ensure a clean combustion of fuels, the utilised filters have to meet most stringent demands.

Water in particular needs to be reliably filtered out of the fuel to prevent damages to the injection system. Furthermore, particulate materials have to be separated from the fuel. Depending on the type of vehicle, the fuel filter has to withstand either gasoline or diesel. Therefore, the resistance of these layers has to be adjusted to the respective application.

Both the fuel and the engine itself pose particular challenges to the utilised filter media.

The filters are subjected to the temperature of the filtered fluids and to the operating temperatures in the engine compartment, both of which they have to withstand permanently without suffering a decrease in performance.

Adapted to these singular requirements in transportation Sandler has developed pleat filter layers for liquid filtration. Combined with other layers they are tailored to the manufacturer’s specific requirements. In this application, sawaloom® and sawascreen® filter media show what they are made of. These nonwovens are applied in highly efficient filters for confined installation spaces and permanently protect the engine. With a large number of pleats they provide a large filtration surface, thus optimising filter performance. The synthetic Sandler nonwovens are resistant to breakage, reliable and highly resilient; even fuels do not affect these efficient materials.