Accurate pleats for increased comfort.

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Cars have long since become a part of our day-to-day lives; a part of our living space in which we regularly spend time. Air filters contribute markedly to the comfort of driver and passengers, working largely unnoticed by most. Either on a short drive to the shopping mall or on a long business trip, being able to breathe freely is decisive for the well-being of the passengers. Only if the ventilation system provides clean air all travellers can arrive relaxed and ready to attend to the task at hand. Particularly for people suffering from allergies it is important to prevent pollen or fungal spores from finding their way into the passenger cabin.

Clean air is also a vital factor in the engine compartment: To protect the engine from damages as well as wear and tear, pollutants have to reliably be filtered out of the airstream.

With maintenance intervals becoming longer and longer and installation spaces smaller and smaller, filters are faced with particular challenges. Especially the utilised filter media determine, whether the filter will maintain the required performance level throughout the desired operating time. Where the available space is confined, pleated filter media are applied. Sandler's self-supporting sawaloom® and sawascreen® media are excellently processable on knife pleating lines. Accurate and stable pleats as well as a large filtration surface are achieved. The synthetic nonwovens are resistant to breakage and are not affected by humidity. Even when applied in highly humid conditions, our filter media dry quickly, contributing to a continuously high performance of the filter.