Synthetic filter media provide clean air.

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The more people come together in a highly frequented shopping mall, at school, in the office or during visiting hours at the hospital, the more important are unrestricted air-circulation and efficient air-purification from unwanted and / or potentially harmful particles or substances. In our ever growing cities air quality is gaining in importance.

Ventilation and air-conditioning systems have long since become an indispensable part of everyday life. Mostly unnoticed, they provide for good air quality in buildings. Behind the scenes, they filter viruses, bacteria, dirt and smog out of the air, allowing us to breathe easy and to concentrate on the task at hand.

Filter media are the heart of any ventilation and air-conditioning system. They determine which particles are filtered out of the air and whether the ventilation and air-conditioning system can even function properly. Depending on the make and model as well as the available installation space, different materials are put to the task.

Sandler sawaloom®sawascreen®sawabond® and sawaflor® product series offer the suitable filter medium for your application. And all of these nonwovens combine optimal filtration performance and a long operating life, allowing for a permanently high performance and energy efficient utilisation while requiring fewer replacements.

In ventilation and air-conditioning systems our pocket filter media do their part in improving air quality. No matter whether they are to be sewn or welded, these flexible, lightweight materials are easily processable and meet the requirements of current testing standards.

Moreover, all Sandler filtration nonwovens are manufactured using environmentally friendly processes and without chemical additives. Just like any other Sandler nonwoven, these synthetic, textile media are kind to the skin and easy-to-handle.