High filtration performance in confined spaces.

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In our day-to-day life we frequently find ourselves among a large group of people. In open-plan offices at work, during a shopping trip at the mall—in all of those situations it is important for our well-being that good air circulation is provided and that the air is being purified from unwanted particles or substances. Particularly in large cities, maintaining high air quality is increasingly crucial.

Ventilation and air-conditioning systems have long since become an indispensable part of our lives. Mostly unnoticed, they filter viruses, bacteria, dirt and smog particles out of the air, improving air quality and allowing us to breathe easy and to concentrate on the more important things in life.

The utilised filter media are the heart of any ventilation and air-conditioning system. They determine, which particles are being filtered out of the airstream and whether the ventilation and air-conditioning system can even function properly.

Depending on the make and model and the available installation space different materials are put to use. Yet all of them feature the main advantages of filter media: they combine optimum efficiency with a long operating life, allowing for a permanently high performance and energy efficient utilisation and requiring fewer replacements.

Where installation space is limited, pleated filters are brought to the scene. sawaloom® and sawascreen® self-supporting filter media can be processed on knife as well as rotation pleating lines, achieving accurate and stable pleats. In this process, they attain a high filtration surface. The synthetic nonwovens are resistant to breakage and humidity does not affect them either. Even when applied in highly humid conditions, our filter media dry quickly, contributing to a continuously high performance of the filter.