Reliable from coarse dust to paint mist.

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In paint booths, for example in the automotive industry, it is not all about air purity. It is essential to prevent particles from coming loose and getting back into the air stream. This is particularly important as even microscopic dust particles leave visible marks in the freshly applied varnish.

This is where another particularity of Sandler sawatex® ceiling filter media comes into play: They not only filter the air, they also prevent the detachment of particles already separated from the air stream— even under aggravated conditions such as vibrating filter systems.

Synthetic paint-stop filters for exhaust air systems in paint booths attain markedly higher efficiencies than currently used materials, particularly pertaining to water-based varnishes. Free from substances that inhibit moistening, they keep the particle content in the exhaust air within legal limits. These nonwovens of the sawafill® product line are applied in the automotive industry or in surface engineering.