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Supple and moisture-resistant insulation for hot water tanks, temperature-stable insulation for solar heat pipes or flexible and sound-absorbent variants for water pipes—technical insulation is a regular feature in many fields of our lives. Largely unnoticed, they provide sound and heat insulation in technical applications.

Lowering the noise level and conserving resources are paramount in these applications and nonwovens easily fulfil them. When the materials are required to provide additional properties is where things really get exciting. Supplying nonwovens specifically adjusted to the requirements of the respective application is our challenge.

Thus, Sandler provides a wide range of nonwovens for technical insulation. Several differences in the properties of these materials become apparent at the first touch, yet some strengths only reveal themselves when put to the test, such as oleophobicity, hydrophobicity or tear-resistance.

Being thermoplastic materials, Sandler nonwovens adapt to customer requirements even during processing. They are flexibly formable, weldable or can be processed into pressed parts that are resistant to bending. According to the specific demands and areas of application, a wide product range is at our disposal from which to choose the right nonwoven for durable application.

With all their differences, Sandler nonwovens for technical insulation have in common that they put a premium on protecting the environment and the end-consumers‘ safety. These nonwovens are manufactured without chemical binders and are kind to the skin. Product specifications permitting, they contain recycled fibres. Like all Sandler nonwovens, these synthetic materials can be handled unhesitatingly. Contact us, we will be happy to assist you in finding the right insulation material for your application.