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Working time is also living time. Therefore, a workplace has to foster concentration, but also radiate comfort. Only if we are comfortable, we can fully commit ourselves to our job. Versatile, individual office design is the watchword. In the rest area, in the meeting area, in open-plan offices and in factory buildings components which are both functional and appealing are in demand. fibercomfort® nonwovens offer this combination—made of the same fibres used in our clothing and yet so much more than a classic textile. Sandler's breathable and resilient nonwovens offer a high level of seat comfort in office chairs, whilst dimensionally stable nonwovens with their open pore structure efficiently dampen noise in suspended ceilings, partition walls or in textile wall coverings.

These products contribute a quiet working environment and enable the creation of customised room designs. Sandler nonwovens are easy-to-handle, kind to the skin and are odourless. They are resistant to moisture, UV light and flame, fulfilling the highest requirements for product safety, health and durability. As single-polymer textiles, they are recyclable, thus conserving valuable resources. Finishes such as printing or embossed designs, moulding or lamination increase fibre integrity whilst offering potential design features. With Sandler nonwovens your products will create a feel-good atmosphere in the workplace.