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Protecting, cushioning, separating, connecting, storing, supporting, reinforcing; applied as processing aids, as coating substrates, in packaging, as covers, as sheathing, as print substrates or sealing strips, as absorbents, as heat protection or electrical protection—there is virtually no limit to what you can do with Sandler industrial liners. These nonwovens are used in a large variety of applications and the word „impossible“ should not be part of their vocabulary.

Nonwovens for technical applications and composites are high-tech products, specifically designed and geared to their specific application. Their development starts with selecting the best raw material or, if necessary, the development of the ideal raw material. It further involves the precise setup, optimisation and further development of the nonwoven process and eventually results in the material performing impeccably in the final application.

In cooperation with our customers we develop nonwovens that are air-permeable, absorbent, hydrophobic and/or oleophobic, have been processed into multi-layer composites or feature a specific surface finish. Despite this multitude of options, all Sandler nonwovens have in common that they are manufactured without chemical binders using environmentally sound processes. Like any other Sandler nonwoven, these materials are kind to the skin and pose no health risks.

The possibilities are sheer endless, with new applications continuously emerging. Surprise us with your new challenge. To meet your requirements, we can draw from more than 135 years of experience in diverse market segments to find the right material for your application. Contact us. We will be happy to pick up on your idea and jointly turn it into the ideal product solution.