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These are eventful times: megacities rise, life pulsates in the streets and there is so much to see. Being able to give our best in our turbulent everyday life and to work in a comfortable environment benefits each and every one of us. A quiet and cosy home provides a retreat where we can replenish our energy for busy days and nights. Ideally with the knowledge of being surrounded by materials which do not pose any health risk and fulfil the highest requirements of Oeko-Tex® standard 100.

Nonwovens contribute to a safe and comfortable home. At that, they are so soft, smooth and kind to the skin that you could lull a nude baby to sleep on them. sandler fibercomfort® nonwovens are our long-lived companion.

They perform impeccably in acoustics and heat insulation and, so to speak, act as functional clothing for our house.

The good feeling already starts with selecting and processing the nonwovens. Flexibly adaptable to individual requirements, the sandler fibercomfort® nonwovens accommodate your needs in a virtually tailor-made fashion. They are easy-to-process and feature permanently high performance. Robust, unaffected by humidity and resistant to UV light as well as fungi, these lightweight soft and yet stable materials can literally and durably pack us up in cotton wool.