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Sturdy plants, beautiful flowers und high crop yields—these are every gardener’s aspiration. Unfortunately it's not always as simple as it may look. The harvest is influenced by conditions largely invariable to man. Nonwovens for environmental applications can support nature in its course without constraining it.

Sandler nonwovens for environmental applications are guided by nature, based on this they offer optimal solutions for your application: As hydroponic supports in commercial vegetable and flower cultivation or for durable facade and roof greening Sandler nonwovens allow nature to unfold under optimized conditions. For plant roots featuring a high air volume and a fast-responding moisture management they create ideal conditions for fast and healthy growth.

The eco-sensitive synthetic nonwovens are ph-neutral, completely inert and free from toxicological risk. Thereby, they provide for healthy and sustainable cultivation of vegetables, without permanently emaciating the soil.

Apart from plant cultivation, Sandler nonwovens are also applied in flood control, in railroad construction, as sorbents preventing oleiferous or chemical fluids from penetrating the soil, or as liners in the trenchless insulation of sewage pipes.

Preserving a sound environment for future generations is our aspiration. To this end, we are constantly looking for ways to conserve resources and to create functional, durable and above all ecologically sensible product solutions. We put high emphasis on our products being easily recyclable and forego chemical additives in production.

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