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From easy-to-handle, voluminous heat insulation in roof, walls or ceilings to moisture-resistant insulation for interior walls or pressure-resistant impact sound insulation and decoupling strips: Sandler nonwovens are mostly hidden from sight and yet play a central role to our well-being. For example applied as wall coverings they function as a protective cover inside and outside, optimising not only optics but also acoustics and energy consumption of the house.

With all the differences, Sandler nonwovens for construction have in common that they do more than just fulfil technical requirements. These durable textiles are single-polymer materials manufactured using environmentally friendly processes and are easily recyclable.

Just like functional clothing for the house, they are breathable,skin-friendly and odourless. Produced without chemical binders, they do not pose any health risks, creating a safe environment for the whole family. They may be applied on interior as well as exterior walls, displaying their individual strengths in each application. They may feature particular resistance to bending and high stability to withstand high strains, or they may be soft and voluminous. The possible applications are manifold—surprise us with your specific challenge. According to your requirements, we will find the right material, harnessing our experience from diverse market segments.