Ronny Schröder,
Head of Sales
Building & Home Products

“Did you ever work with conventional insulation materials in practice? Then you are likely to have experienced it: Whilst the insulation may perform well, the material is often uncomfortable to work with and causes skin-irritation. More than enough reason for us to develop a textile alternative, a polyester insulation nonwoven for increased ease in use. First tests on actual construction sites confirmed how easy-to-handle and non-itching these materials actually are. Insulating roof or walls has never been more pleasant. Specialists are excited about the excellent insulation and durability provided by these nonwovens. But that is not all: in construction, in technical insulation or even in sound proofing—these textiles also contribute to preserving the environment and valuable resources.  
To a large extent, the nonwovens are made from fibres derived from recycled PET bottles. Even after decades of use, these single-polymer materials can easily be reprocessed and allocated to a new application. Our wide range of products also comprises nonwovens for other industry sectors. I have no doubt: Sandler nonwovens will prove themselves in your application as well. We would be happy to assist you—both in optimising current projects and in putting new creative ideas into practice.”