Health is our greatest asset; protecting it is Sandler’s philosophy. Using specific combinations of raw materials and manufacturing technologies, Sandler nonwovens actively contribute to furthering this objective. They may be made of polyester from recycled drinking bottles and even the single-polymer nonwovens used in our clothing styles are fully recyclable. Sandler does not employ any chemical additives in the manufacture of these materials and furthermore, they are odourless. These nonwovens therefore protect the health of converters and end-users alike. 

In processing and using synthetic materials, various emissions may occur. Some examples of these are:

  • total carbon emissions; measured according to the VDA 277 standard 
  • odours; for which the material is tested according to VDA 270-C3 
  • formaldehyde emissions; measured according to VDA 275. This substance may cause headaches, mucosal irritation or respiratory problems and can even trigger asthma or allergies upon long-term exposure.
  • fogging—condensation on windows in vehicles generated by the aforementioned emissions; measured according to DIN 75201

Materials for a defined product are specially chosen to avoid these emissions, resulting in Sandler nonwovens falling below the accepted limits in all of these categories. 

  • Hygiene & wipes industry: These products are intended to protect the well-being of the user, while remaining virtually unobserved. Only high-quality base materials are selected to which rigorous criteria are applied in order to ensure a low level of emissions. Sandler applies no chemical additives to avoid the generation of unpleasant odours.
  • Automotive industry: Sandler nonwovens do not release unpleasant or harmful emissions—designed for comfortable handling and long-term enjoyment. 
  • Filter media: In ventilation and air-conditioning systems Sandler nonwovens allow us to breathe freely without having odours and other emissions impairing the air quality.
  • Insulation materials for construction: In buildings, low-emission Sandler nonwovens are an excellent alternative for people suffering from allergies, contributing to the preservation of the occupants' health. 
  • Acoustics in offices & home textiles: Sandler nonwovens are odourless and virtually free from formaldehyde*, rendering both workplace and our homes as real comfort zones.

In cooperation with our partners, Sandler also offers an anti-odour finish that eliminates odours, for example for nonwovens applied in vacuum cleaner bags.  

* below the detection limit