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At this year’s IDEA Show in Miami, FL, Sandler AG invites visitors to the garden of (green) developments.

Sandler at IDEA Show Miami -
Sustainability and Performance

At this year’s IDEA Show in Miami, FL, Sandler AG invites visitors to the garden of (green) developments. The nonwovens manufacturer will showcase its broad range for hygiene products, wipes, and technical applications, among them nonwovens that take account of sustainability.

In babycare, feminine care, and incontinence products Sandler nonwovens for hygiene applications combine functionality and comfort in use. Efficient, even softer nonwovens for intake layers contribute to optimum fluid management. Particularly smooth product variants are ideal for use as tampon covers. A new generation of nonwovens for elastic closure systems combine improved extensibility and high stability in processing. The focus of this year’s trade fair participation, however, will be on nonwovens for topsheet applications:

A nonwoven composite, specifically developed for use in diapers in cooperation with a customer, is particularly smooth yet voluminous at the same time. A special embossing creates a topographical structure on the materials surface, which enhances fluid handling as well as comfort in use: moisture collects at the lower points; the bulky sections keep moist parts of the material away from the skin, thus preventing skin irritation. Owing to its low basis weight this new development is ideal for thin, lightweight product structures for hygiene applications—for increased comfort and discretion in use.
Another multi-layer nonwoven offers a structured and perforated alternative for topsheets: The embossing pattern dubbed “canyon” renders the topsheet bulkier, while also increasing stability and creating an individual look. This structure forms a sort of grooves on the topsheet’s surface, which help quickly transport fluid away from the body and into the absorbent core. In this way, the nonwovens contribute to preventing skin irritation and support a sense of safety during use.
Sandler topsheet materials made with cotton also contribute to comfort in use—soft, reliably functional and manufactured using an increased share of renewable raw materials.

Renewable resources and the goal of offering more sustainable product solutions even for single-use products are a major focus in the production of Sandler’s wipes substrates.
Made from a special, certified viscose fibre, Sandler’s new substrates are biodegradable and also available as FSC® certified variants. They offer the established Sandler quality—highly absorbent, tear-resistant and better for the environment. The PEFC™-certified substrate „bio textile by sandler“ is made exclusively from viscose fibres sourced from European forests—sustainable raw materials with a reduced carbon footprint. Newly developed nonwovens made from viscose and cellulose acetate fibres are soft and gentle on the skin. They are biodegradable and compostable. Wipes substrates made from the lactic-acid based raw material PLA and product variants with a share of cotton complete the range of nonwoven substrates made with raw materials from renewable sources.
Especially for applications in household cleaning Sandler will present wipes substrates made from recycled polyester fibres, which also contribute to conserving resources.
An embossing design dubbed „square“ further enhances cleaning properties. Rows of small squares enlarge the nonwoven's surface for optimised dirt removal while also rendering the wipe substrate more voluminous for a softer, fluffier feel.
For disinfection applications, Sandler will showcase a new fine perforation, which is effective in two ways: Firstly, the enlarged surface increases dirt collection for optimum cleaning results. Secondly, fluids accumulate in the material and are quickly released during use—a prerequisite for ideal disinfection.
Product variants featuring increased stability further add to the product range.

Come in and find out more about the latest nonwoven innovations! Your Sandler team is looking forward to welcoming you at booth Stand 902.

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On August 18th, Dr. Christian Heinrich Sandler celebrates his 65th birthday.

Strong voice of the region:
Dr. Christian Heinrich Sandler celebrates 65th birthday

On August 18th, Dr. Christian Heinrich Sandler celebrates his 65th birthday. Being an Upper Franconian by birth and conviction, he is committed to promoting sustainable business, the welfare of his fellow citizens and our environment—not only within his company, but also on a regional and state level, as well as in industry associations.

In the fourth generation, he helms the family-owned and -operated company Sandler AG in Schwarzenbach/Saale, which today ranks among the 20 largest nonwovens manufacturers worldwide. He places particular emphasis on sustainable business practices, commitment to fellow citizens, the region and the conservation of our environment. In different ways, nonwovens made by Sandler contribute to making our everyday life more comfortable. The companies broad product portportfolio comprises nonwoven roll goods and sheet materials for construction and engineering, filtration, home textiles, hygiene products, transportation, and wipes.

Since his days at university, Dr. Sandler has been actively involved in the economy and the nonwovens industry in a variety of voluntary capacities. In two of these functions he celebrates another anniversary in 2018: For 15 years, Dr. Sandler has been representing the industry as president of the Association of the Bavarian Textile and Apparel Industry (VTB). In addition, he has also been vice president of the Association of the Bavarian Industry (vbw) since 2003. In both capacities, upholding constructive dialogue with representatives of state and federal politics, he advocates the long-term safeguarding of the competitive position of the Bavarian economy as well as the strengthening of medium-sized companies, which form its backbone. On a federal level, Dr. Sandler has been holding the office of vice president and treasurer of the Association of the German Textile and Apparel Industry since 1994. He has also been a member of the plenary assembly of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Upper Franconia Bayreuth since 1995 and has been the deputy chairman of the advisory board of the Council of Industry and Commerce Hof since 2003.

For this relentless commitment, he received the Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1998 and the Officer's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany in 2006. In 2012, he Sandler was awarded the Bavarian Order of Merit.

For Dr. Sandler, advocating the industry also includes promoting young professionals. To this end, he not only fosters a comprehensive training and further training system in his company. Since 1991, Sandler has been chairman of the scientific advisory board of the Institute of Textile Machinery and High Performance Material Technology at the Technische Universität Dresden. Since 2011, he has been a Member of the Board of the Society of Friends and Supporters of the University of Applied Sciences Hof e.V. and since 2015, he is also a member of the university’s council. His longstanding, sustained commitment to expanding textile research now also bore fruit: In 2016, the establishment of a textile research institute in the city of Münchberg was formally announced.

In his home town of Schwarzenbach/Saale, Dr. Sandler is also actively involved in numerous societies, promoting the welfare of citizens, sports, the support of social organisations, as well as the conservation of nature—for example as chairman of the board of the Association of Friends and Supporters of the Ecology Park Hertelsleite e.V.. For these strong ties to his home, Dr. Sandler was awarded the honorary citizenship of the city of Schwarzenbach/Saale in 2013.

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At this year’s Techtextil, Sandler invites visitors to a world of nonwoven novelties at no. D54. High-tech materials for acoustic insulation in the home and the office or materials for transportation and for filtration await the professional audience.

Sandlers Nonwoven Adventure World at the Techtextil 2019

At this year’s international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens, Sandler AG invites visitors to a world of nonwoven novelties at no. D54. High-tech materials for acoustic insulation in the home and the office or materials for transportation and for filtration—innovative nonwovens in a wide range of applications await the professional audience. Sandler acoustic nonwovens are versatile applicable and make the home more comfortable.

Insulation materials are applied in the roof and in walls, providing for a pleasant temperature and at the same time helping to conserve energy. In partition walls sound-insulating nonwovens create optimum conversational acoustics. Additionally, these textile solutions also functioning as a design feature for individual room design.

Filter media provide clean air and contribute to an optimum indoor air quality at home as well as in industrial buildings. In addition to excellent filtration performance special pocket filter media contribute to energy conservation.

But Sandler nonwovens not only ensure comfort within buildings, they also help create a pleasant atmosphere on the go and minimize the noise level—in the automobile, in buses, trains or the working vehicles at the construction site. Efficient acoustical absorbers dampen engine and driving noise, while nonwovens for seat upholstery contribute to an optimum micro-climate of the seat. Hydro- and oleophobic nonwovens are especially suited to exterior applications in wheel house liners or underride guards. Soft and skin-friendly nonwovens for hygiene products and wipes complete the product range.

Enter a world of nonwovens and let yourself be inspired by the manifold possibilities. Your Sandler team is looking forward to welcoming you at booth D54 in hall 3.1.

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