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On October 1, Board Member & Chief Production Officer Wolfgang Höflich celebrated 40 years at Sandler.

40 years at Sandler – Wolfgang Höflich celebrates company anniversary

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Wolfgang Höflich, Board Member & Chief Production Officer, celebrated his „40th“—and a stellar career. In 1976, he became part of the Sandler team in the position of Assistant to the Plant Management. Four years later, holding the position of Plant Manager himself, he was given joint power of attorney. In 1995, he became Chief Production Officer and has since been responsible for the product development, production, quality assurance and patents departments. In 2001, he was named plenipotentiary and in 2010, he was appointed Board Member of Sandler AG. Congratulations on 40 years in the Sandler Team!

Sandler reports successful year 2016 and creates 60 new jobs

Sandler reports successful year 2016, creates 60 new jobs

German nonwovens manufacturer Sandler AG from Schwarzenbach/Saale, Bavaria, reports a successful year 2016. Despite a sharp fall in raw material prices, the company was successful in keeping sales stable at 288 million Euros and further increasing output. With a team of 770 employees Sandler continues to position itself as a partner of global industry leaders in the growing market for nonwovens in construction, engineering, filtration, home textiles, hygiene applications, transportation and wipes.

A global player in the dynamically growing nonwovens industry, the family-run company banks on organic growth—a strategy increasingly becoming a unique feature. The staff members consider themselves part of the Sandler family. This philosophy in particular represents one of the company’s key success factors.

For Sandler, 2016 was characterised by the biggest milestone in the company’s history so far: The new manufacturing site in Perry, Georgia, USA was set up and the first production line taken into operation. In autumn, production of nonwovens for hygiene products and technical applications commenced. First samplings and deliveries to US customers have left the new plant and important customer audits were passed successfully. The backbone of these achievements is a highly motivated team of new US staff members and German expatriates which has been growing steadily over the past few months. Sandler is planning the further expansion of the Perry site in the future.

At the German plant in Schwarzenbach/Saale the past year was also signified by investments and change:
In July, the new production building and manufacturing line were formally inaugurated in the presence of 250 guests from the economic, political and social spheres. Ilse Aigner, Bavarian State Minister for Economy and Media, Energy and Technology, acknowledged the company’s achievement in her welcoming address. Having successfully completed the start-up and qualification phase, the new production line is already running at high capacity. It will enable Sandler to further advance the development of materials for hygiene products. Pioneering, market-oriented innovations form the basis of a new generation of nonwovens for the hygiene industry. A higher degree of softness and protection for more comfort in use are paramount: Soft nonwovens are gentle on the skin and can be enhanced with individual embossing designs. Extensible materials for closure systems facilitate optimal adjustment to the body contours and perfect fit with every movement. Nonwoven fluid handling layers quickly transport fluid away from the body and distribute it evenly. New nonwoven wipes substrates for cosmetics, cleaning and disinfection combine protection and gentle care.
In the market for filters in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning Sandler’s new development enAIRsave® focuses on sustainability: The synthetic pocket filter medium not only features high efficiency, it also contributes to lowering the energy consumption during operation of the filter plant. Owing to a special multi-layer structure, dirt and particulate matter are efficiently deposited, without restraining the airflow through the filter. This way, enAIRsave® provides excellent air quality for a comfortable indoor climate and saves energy at the same time.

Comfort is paramount also when it comes to novelties for the transportation industry. New absorber nonwovens of the sawasorb® series for interior and exterior applications efficiently dampen engine and road noise, even in narrow installation spaces. Nonwovens for seat applications provide for comfortable driving on the long haul as well as on short drives, and contribute to an optimal micro-climate of the seat. Textile comfort all around—on the road, on the rail, and in the air.

These big and small changes are implemented by the Sandler staff—a team that grew by 200 members during the past five years. Apprentices account for about 10 percent of the staff, completing their vocational training in business and technical roles. Sandler also puts emphasis on a junior management training programme, offering ambitious employees a focused career path into leadership positions. Together with Sandler’s already established leadership guidelines this initiative expands on Sandler’s philosophy: The employees are the cornerstone of success. Each individual contributes to the company’s further development by assuming responsibility for his or her scope of duties.
Building the Perry production site, employees from different departments of Sandler AG were given the opportunity to apply their know-how to setting up a new plant and to experience living and working in a different cultural environment. The Sandler team members gladly took this chance for personal and professional growth. The nonwovens manufacturer will continue to offer select employees—especially young professionals still completing vocational training—the possibility to gain experience abroad working in the US subsidiary.

For Sandler, the future will also be shaped by expansion—in Schwarzenbach, as well as in Perry, Georgia. The management is optimistic: With a strong, highly motivated team, they see the company well-equipped to start new projects and live up to the challenges the industry and the company’s own development will present. In cooperation with customers and partners the Sandler team will continue to grow, manufacturing innovative nonwovens that bring more comfort to various areas of everyday life.

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At this year‘s Techtextil exhibition, Sandler AG invites visitors to a garden of nonwoven novelties at no. D54: A veritable bouquet of high-tech materials for acoustic insulation in the home and the office, for transportation, and for filtration awaits the professional audience on an excursion to the home of innovative nonwovens.

Sandler at Techtextil 2017 – At home in the world of nonwovens

At this year‘s Techtextil exhibition, Sandler AG invites visitors to a garden of nonwoven novelties at no. D54: A veritable bouquet of high-tech materials for acoustic insulation in the home and the office, for transportation, and for filtration awaits the professional audience on an excursion to the home of innovative nonwovens.

At home is the watchword, because Sandler nonwovens for various applications render our home more comfortable. fibercomfort® insulation materials are applied in the roof and in walls, providing for rooms at a pleasant temperature and at the same time helping to conserve energy. In partition walls sound-insulating nonwovens create optimum conversational acoustics. These textile solutions also provide for a quieter every-day worklife in office partitions, additionally functioning as a design feature for individual room design. The product range offers the right acoustic nonwoven for every application: soft and voluminous or self-supporting and compact; with an open-pore surface of especially smoothed; white, black or a marble-like shade in colour—these textiles can be adapted to customer requirements. They can also be finished with print or embossed motifs or laminated with different fabrics. Filter media provide clean air to breath—for optimum indoor air quality at home as well as in industrial buildings. Sandler’s latest development for this application are enAIRsave® pocket filter media. Apart from excellent filtration performance, they put a premium on energy conservation.

On the go, Sandler nonwovens ensure a comfortable drive, particularly on long trips—in the automobile, in bus, train or the working vehicle at the construction site. Efficient acoustical absorbers dampen engine and driving noise, providing for a pleasant noise level. New sawasorb® advanced nonwovens achieve this level of sound insulation at low product thickness. They are therefore ideal for narrow installation spaces and—using fewer raw material—offer a more sustainable product solution. Lightweight sawasorb® premium exterior shadow absorber nonwovens are not only acoustically efficient at low product thickness, they also feature hydro- and oleophobic properties particularly for exterior applications in wheel house liners or underride guards. sawaloom® nonwovens for seat upholstery in vehicles provide the cosy-factor. Being air-permeable and moisture resistant, these materials contribute to an optimum micro-climate of the seat. The latest development in this product line features a particularly soft, bulky and foam-like quality. Quilted with leather, this nonwoven produces an especially pronounced 3D-quilt-look.

Sample collections are waiting to be discovered in the Sandler garden, tempting visitors to literally feel the difference. Here, soft and skin-friendly nonwovens for hygiene products and wipes complete the product range.

Come in and let yourself be inspired by the manifold possibilities of utilising Sandler nonwovens for your application. Your Sandler team is looking forward to welcoming you at booth D54 in hall 3.1.

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