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Once again among „Bavaria’s Best 50“

Sandler once again among „Bavaria’s Best 50“

Sandler AG from Schwarzenbach/Saale, Germany was once again voted one of “Bavaria’s Best 50”. The Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs awards this distinction to the fastest-growing, privately owned medium-sized companies. Ilse Aigner - Bavarian State Minister of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology and Deputy Minister-President of Bavaria - presented this award to President & CEO Dr. Christian Heinrich Sandler and his wife Bärbl Sandler, Head of Chief Human Resources Officer.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs’ award for medium-sized companies “Bavaria’s Best 50” is conferred on companies, who managed to increase their revenues and number of employees above average within the past five years, and additionally report good earnings at the date set. This award also focuses on the company’s economic and social importance.

“It was a great honour for me and my wife to accept this prize. My thanks to all my staff for their hard work, diligence, commitment and loyalty to the company”, said Dr. Christian Heinrich Sandler. Within the past five years the number of employees increased by 35% and revenues rose as well. Today, Sandler ranks among the 20 largest nonwoven producers worldwide and is one of Europe’s market leaders in this sector. Together with clients and partners, Sandler develops nonwovens for various applications in the markets construction, engineering, filtration, home textiles, hygiene, transportation and wipes.

The award expresses an appreciation for innovativeness, entrepreneurial creativity and future-proof business models of Bavarian medium-sized companies. Aigner: “Our growth, prosperity and high level of employment are due to numerous excellent companies in the state. The award “Bavaria’s Best 50” honours their achievements. Among them are numerous hidden champions, so-called “secret world market leaders” in their respective branches. Such a company is Sandler AG, which belongs to the international market leaders in nonwovens production. This award is intended to present these role models to the public and to be further motivation to continue pursuing the company´s objectives together with the employees.”

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On occasion of this year's Techtextil exhibition, Acoustic partitions made of self-supporting nonwovens were the main magnet for visitors in the Sandler Garden of nonwoven innovations.

Nonwovens set the (acoustics-) tone:
Sandler successful at Techtextil 2017

A quiet working environment even with an open room layout? Yes, made possible by acoustically efficient Sandler nonwovens. At this year’s Techtextil exhibition Frankfurt/Main, these materials took centre stage. On occasion of its 15th participation in this most important trade fair for technical textiles the family-run company welcomed an international audience to the home of innovative nonwoven solutions. Sandler‘s 90-sqm „home garden“ showcased latest developments for room acoustics, transportation and filtration:

Acoustic partitions made of self-supporting nonwovens provided spatial as well as acoustic separation for a conference corner at the booth, and—among the products on display—they were also the main magnet for visitors. Available in different thicknesses, densities and degrees of solidification these textile sound absorbers help render every room quiet and comfortable. Even amongst the everyday hustle and bustle of open plan offices or, in this case, exhibition halls they reliably dampen sound, creating optimal conversational acoustics. Various opportunities of surface finishing also make these all-rounders visual highlights: Printed with various motifs, laminated with coloured fabrics, flocked to create a roughcast look, or enhanced with a coating made of natural materials such as hay or cornflowers. The possibilities are manifold and drew the visitors’ attention.
Only a few steps took the guests from room acoustics to building acoustics: A playhouse demonstrated the wide range of applications for Sandler nonwovens in our homes—from impact sound insulation to insulation between the rafters, from insulation for hot water tanks to pipe insulation in solar systems, and from sofa upholstery to filters in air-conditioning systems. A regular child’s play for the textiles to show the wealth of possibilities.
In addition, the recyclability of the materials showcased and therefore their contribution to sustainable product solutions again was another point of interest for the professional audience.

With regard to synthetic filter media, materials for enhancing indoor air quality in heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning were in high demand. The latest Sandler product line enAIRsave® combines excellent filtration performance with good energy efficiency, attaining a favourable rating according to the requirements of new testing standards.

Sandler nonwovens for the transportation industry create a pleasant atmosphere en route—textile absorbers, that insulate engine and driving noise as well as heat. The new product lines sawasorb® advanced and sawasorb® premiumwere the main topics. Offering excellent sound absorption at low product thickness, sawasorb® advanced is an ideal alternative for narrow installation spaces. sawasorb® premium encompasses the high-performance range of absorbers in Sandler’s product spectrum. Product variants for interior as well as exterior applications are available. Sandler absorber nonwovens are a lightweight alternative, supporting the still highly topical subject of lightweight designs in vehicles.

Bereits am ersten Messetag konnte das Sandler Team Dirk Wiese, parlamentarischer Staatssekretär im Ministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie, am Stand begrüßen, der sich gemeinsam mit Detlef Braun, Geschäftsführer der Messe Frankfurt, zu neusten Entwicklungen im Bereich der technischen Textilien informierte.

Bringing together a versatile audience, Techtextil is a unique trade fair. Representatives from all tiers of the supply chain and from different industry sectors were on site—from crafts businesses to industrial companies; from product designers to mechanical engineers. As such, the trade fair yet again provided Sandler AG with an ideal presentation platform. Product novelties, processing technology, mechanical engineering, raw materials—various topics presented themselves. To visitors in search of innovative materials the variety of products and the range of applications and possibilities for customization were a source of inspiration. Customers and new contacts approached the booth with specific problems, finding nonwoven solutions through lively talks with the Sandler team. All in all, Sandler AG is once again looking back on a very successful trade fair participation, during which latest nonwoven innovations quite literally set the tone at the Sandler booth.

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At this year's INDEX show in Geneva, Sandler AG celebrated 30 years as a partner of the hygiene industry—with an extraordinary booth design and products that touch people closely.

Sandler AG at INDEX 2017:
Successful participation in Europe’s largest trade show for nonwovens

For 30 years Sandler AG has been an innovative partner of the hygiene industry. The nonwovens manufacturer celebrated this anniversary with a special booth design at this year’s INDEX—Europe’s largest trade show for nonwovens—in Geneva. The professional audience from all parts of the world engaged in discussions on new developments and the latest trends in the hygiene industry with the Sandler team.

A catwalk of nonwoven innovations literally took centre stage and a multi-media screen showcasing the company’s new image trailer bridged the gap between people and technology: Sandler showcased products that literally touch people closely, are designed to fulfil varying requirements and support individual lifestyles. Products for people, by people. In this sense, the partnership as well as the identification with the textile product solutions was also illustrated by photographs of Sandler staff members integrated into the catwalk design.

During the four-day fair, the Sandler catwalk saw a strong turnout of visitors from all over the world. The Sandler team from sales, product development and purchasing used the opportunity to meet with longstanding customers from the hygiene and wipes industry as well as other sectors; suppliers, and other partners. Current projects, latest Sandler innovations, trends, and developments in the market were the subjects of these talks. The exceptional booth design stood out from its surroundings. It drew the attention of potential new clients and brought Sandler AG numerous interesting new contacts.

True to the INDEX show’s major focus, nonwovens for babycare and feminine care were the most sought after items at the booth. Applied in various components of complex hygiene products, the textile all-rounders help increase comfort through high softness and further discretion in use through optimum functionality:

Nonwovens for elastic applications in closure systems facilitate optimum fit and adaptation to every movement. Sandler presented a collection of extensible nonwovens for visitors to choose the ideal nonwoven for their respective use. New developments for topsheets won visitors over with even higher softness and support fluid management with functional surface structuring. The new “canyon” structure, for example, makes the nonwoven even bulkier, while also increasing stability. It forms a sort of grooves on the surface for optimised fluid transport. New nonwoven distribution layers quickly transport the fluid away from the body and prevent rewet, for increased comfort and a sense of safety during use.

Sandler also showcased a wide range of wipes substrates for babycare, cosmetics, cleaning, and disinfection. They unite high tensile strength with high softness for gentle care. Special product variants feature a particularly silky touch, rendering daily skin care into a veritable wellness treatment.

Apart from functionality and feel, visual differentiation is also a focus in wipes manufacturing. New Sandler designs unite appealing appearance with optimised function. The new embossed design „square“ for cleaning applications makes wipes even bulkier and enlarges the surface for even more efficient cleaning. New coloured substrates facilitate easy distinction between different applications.

Special fibre blends used in Sandler wipes substrates allow for excellent functionality at reduced basis weights, thus helping to conserve resources.

Novelties for technical applications were also in high demand with the audience. Among them, the latest synthetic Sandler HVAC filter medium enAIRsave®, which unites excellent filtration performance and energy efficiency. The new sawasorb® advanced absorber nonwovens for the transportation industry reliably dampen engine and driving noise. At a product thickness of 6 mm, for example, they meet acoustic requirements designed to be met by absorbers of about 15 mm thickness. An ideal solution for narrow installation spaces.

During the same week, Sandler also participated in the 2017 Filtrex conference and exhibition, which took place in a neighbouring exhibition hall and was open to all INDEX visitors as well. At this specialist conference, one of Sandler’s R&D experts discussed the new enAIRsave® filter medium during a lecture. This innovation drew visitors to the company‘s tabletop booth, where they learned more about the Sandler product range for the filtration industry and other innovations for this sector.

To sum it up, Sandler reports a very successful participation in this most important European trade fair for hygiene products—emphasizing the fascination with nonwovens and customised product solutions.

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... at Techtextil: Parliamentary State Secretary Dirk Wiese and Detlef Braun, Managing Director of Messe Frankfurt visited the Sandler booth.

Prominent visitors at the Sandler booth

Dirk Wiese, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, and Detlef Braun, Managing Director of Messe Frankfurt visited the Sandler booth on the first day of this year's Techtextil.

Dr. Ulrich Hornfeck, Board Member & Chief Commercial Officer, presented latest nonwoven innovations for construction and acoustically efficient room design.